Our Developments

Sensitive to the Community and the Environment

While we are a real estate investment and development company, we are extremely aware that the result of our team’s efforts (what we finance, design and build) are homes. Homes to grow families in, homes to provide enjoyment and security and homes designed to be a lifetime investment. Our team takes pride in knowing the homes we create mean much more to our clients and ourselves than just the parts that go into them.

We value and employ:

  • Local expertise and employment
  • Industry-leading environmental sensitivity and sustainability*
  • Efficient, affordable and liveable designs
  • Sense of home and community

We build homes, not buildings.

Environmental Sensitivity in Practice at Shawnigan Heights

Management and control of storm water has historically been a challenge for responsible development and developers. Typical developments often include impermeable hardscape, roof areas and road systems that restrict the natural reintroduction of stormwater into the various levels of on site soils; surface and subsurface. The lack of permeability and the by-passing of the re-introduction on site stormwater makes for a negative impact downstream, with increased water volumes being carried off site. This practise of off-siteing stormwater presents risk to local fisheries and the environment as a result of increased turbidity and suspended particulates. Increased water flows also carry the amplified potential of downstream flooding in low lying areas.

Our Shawnigan Heights 70- home development is an exception to the rule. Our engineering team creatively engineered site stormwater management that is fully contained within the boundaries of the development. The innovative stormwater management design allows for a 100% reintroduction of storm water into the on site subgrade soils, thereby eliminating any downstream impact.

Each individual home within the subdivision has the capacity to deal with stormwater created as a result of hardscape, roof areas and driveways. The design is so innovative, that the municipal Engineering department refer to the innovative plan as, “a cut above previous designs”.

In addition to the individual lot stormwater management design, the project also incorporates an open SPEA to deal with stormwaters collected from the road surfaces within the subdivision. Passing through an exfiltrator, prior before entering the SPEA, this additional process and total management of subgrade infiltration also eliminates any offsite downstream impact, protecting both natural habitat and fisheries.