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Investors come first

At Performing Equity, the investors’ capital is prioritized, meaning that when distributing funds, investors get their capital and a preferred return, before any profit goes to the general partner.  We don’t take an acquisition fee up front, or a disposition fee. That’s a significant incentive for the general partner to make sure a project performs -only being compensated if the investment performs for the investors, first!



Limited Partnerships deliver real returns

Investing with an experienced real estate team results in a secure, steady return on investment.

Limited partnerships are a common investment vehicle. Our terms are uncommon, in favor of the investor. Our principals and team members are also investors, investing our own funds in every project alongside our partners, in addition to having a role as a general partner.


Our Limited Partnership structure allows you to:

  • Invest at a wholesale level alongside an experienced developer
  • Earn passive income without having to master the ins and out of being a developer or landlord/ manager
  • As a partner, acquire real estate at a discount to presale prices, in advance of a public launch
  • Enjoy flexibility on amount invested and investment vehicles that are often RRSP and TFSA eligible



We look at long-term fundamentals

We start with 21 key indicators and drill down when we look at an area. Top among these key factors are the potential for long-term value increase, desirability, and the area’s employment prospects. Affordability and value are our cornerstone, whether it is an eight-unit multi-family or a master-plan for an 1,100-home community.

Our investors’ money at work - Recent success


  • 48 Residential units ranging from 600 – 1,000 sq. ft.
  • 36 Ultra efficient 1 and 2 bedroom units
  • 12 Panoramic penthouse units, 10 with lofts
  • 3 Ground floor commercial units (approximately 2,000 sq. ft.)


Performing Equity’s The Lauren Limited Partnership is a great success. Initially projected to sell at a conservative price of $521per sqr ft, sold at $597 per sqr ft.


The project was sold faster than expected and is expected to generate higher than proforma returns. It fits our winning formula of high value affordable real estate, in great locations.

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