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Our clients gain access to exclusive real estate and development investment opportunities, typically available only to institutions and industry insiders.

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Performing Equity is a Real Estate Development and Investment company. Our clients gain access to exclusive investment opportunities typically available only to institutions and industry insiders.

Our team members have successfully acquired, developed, and/or repositioned 114 multi-family and resort properties, totaling in excess of $1B in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Our success is based on sourcing and acquiring undervalued assets in undersupplied markets with very strong long-term fundamentals. We then utilize our team’s development, marketing, and management backgrounds to transform the assets physically and financially. Our unique combination of experienced real estate investment executives, seasoned developers, asset managers, and award-winning marketers deliver consistent results.

Why Us

  • We make sure our investors profit before we do
  • No markups – Invest at a wholesale level alongside an experienced development team
  • Insider deal flow- unique off-market transactions
  • As a partner, you have the option to acquire PE developed real estate at discount to even presale prices, in advance of public launches
  • Enjoy flexibility on the amount and way you invest. RRSP and TFSA eligible
  • Be confident with transparency at each step of the investment process

Our Strategy

  • 1. Right place

    The foundation of Performing Equity’s investment strategy is based on identifying undersupplied markets that have long term real estate investment fundamentals.

  • 2. Right product

    Our strength is based on our ability to tailor the product we are providing to the broadest buying segment.

  • 3. Right time

    Our national acquisitions network enables us to monitor markets and acquire at the right time of the cycle – often at deep discounts to market.

Our Team

We are experienced real estate investment executives, seasoned developers, asset managers, and award-winning marketers, who deliver consistent results through relentless attention to detail.

We are committed to achieving our clients’ investment objectives by maximizing the performance of our real estate projects.

Performing Equity Club Members

Membership recognizes and rewards investors for their integral contribution to our success.

Membership provides priority access to investment opportunities.

Performing Equity offers unique investment opportunities that deliver real returns. Our results are a result of shrewd acquisitions, creative structuring and consistent execution. Put the power of performing real estate in your portfolio.


Our Developments – Sensitive to the Community and the Environment

Every real estate investment and purchase involves some degree of risk. Our team does their best to mitigate risk through research, experience and the expertise of our contractors. Each Performing Equity project is independently owned and operated through specific partnerships. Any offering to invest or purchase are through filed offering memorandums (development partnerships) or filed disclosure statements (finished real estate). If you are interested in receiving information on any of our projects we look forward to providing these documents to you or your investment advisors and answering any questions you may have.


And get priority access to exclusive investment opportunities

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