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Right Place

Performing Equity’s real estate experts identify markets with long term growth potential, supported by strong economic and demographic trends.

Within these markets and regions we identify desirable neighborhoods and areas that promise exponential growth or appreciation. We closely examine current and planned access to transportation, schools, shopping, entertainment, and other amenities, which usually drive both home buying and rental demand.

Right Product

Our network of established relationships in the industry, in municipalities, and experts in areas like banking, urban planning, construction, and environmental fields, assist us in identifying undervalued assets with minimal development risk. Often this deal flow includes off-market transactions and heavily discounted court-ordered sales. We quickly develop or reposition these assets, satisfying existing needs of the local community.

Our acquisitions and development team has a successful track record of over 112 completed multi-family projects, single-family development and repositioning of recreational and hotel/resort properties throughout Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Right Time

Even having the best location doesn’t work if the timing of the acquisition is not right. We like to think that the best form of leverage of all, is buying at a discount. This is rarely achieved at the top of a market, which is why we look for opportunities that offer great value “on the way in”. If good timing were called luck, it would be where preparation, patience, and opportunity merge. This is why we passionately enjoy constantly being on the lookout, nurturing relationships and staying close to the pulse of markets we like, waiting patiently for opportunities we know will emerge when markets cycle. This allows our investors to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Every real estate investment and purchase involves some degree of risk. Our team does their best to mitigate risk through research, experience and the expertise of our contractors. Each Performing Equity project is independently owned and operated through specific partnerships. Any offering to invest or purchase are through filed offering memorandums (development partnerships) or filed disclosure statements (finished real estate). If you are interested in receiving information on any of our projects we look forward to providing these documents to you or your investment advisors and answering any questions you may have.


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